ClearVision delivers ship performance
solutions to shipping entrepreneurs.

  • Candor
  • Speed
  • Trust
  • Innovation

A clear vision in
Ship management

We Will Not Change the World. Only the world between our customers and us changes by our horizontal partnering. We side with the shipowner with our candor, speed, trust and innovation. We think client, we think voyage result, and we love to make your ship perform.

On Your Own and Not Alone.

Shipowning is a testing venture, all risks are on your shoulder, all challenges land in your lap. And everybody is making money off your ship. Having a confidant siding with you on your marine adventure is a welcome change.

"It is not the ship so much as the skillful sailing that assures the prosperous voyage." - George William Curtis, 1824-1892

Our human capital

People make ships perform. Our human capital is empowered to be the best in their jobs; to make your ship perform by the ClearVision approach. Our workplace culture is a meritocracy; a candid environment where performance is created by close collaboration with no gaps between the lines. “Fast is now!” is our creed for speed. Living by our core values helps a great deal in making the best decisions. We discuss often and openly to keep our focus sharp on the performance of the fleet. Obligatory, over three centuries of combined shipping experience supports our team competency a great deal too.

“Customers will only love a company when employees love it first” - Simon Sinek

Our work is demanding, and we are passionate about it. Ships operate 24/365, so do we. There is no substitute for energy and drive, even athletes need rest too, so we compensate for weekend working days by rotation. By keeping a good life-work-play balance, we stay top-fit for work. Everything for maximizing your ship’s performance.

Our team

ClearVision Core Values

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Mark Breijer

Clearwater’s dedication to the Shipowner’s safety, environmental, industry and also economic challenges is without question unrivaled! This can only be achieved by empathetic staff and crew!


Talal Hallak

From day one Clearwater sided with me.


Ben Sharp

Clearly they think client first and product later. They prioritize the success of the venture.


Daniël Bosschart

A great place to work thanks to the unmediated and candor approach.

" Whatever the Marine Adventure, we deliver Solutions. "

Partners worldwide


app 24vision

Our APP gives you Dynamic Transparency on our Solutions, by making visible what we do. Available from the App Store and Google Play, the 24Vision APP informs you on our Solutions, Human Capital and Offices.

Shipowners sign in to the APP to see their ship particulars, ship position, crew on board and financials. Legal issues are also logged in the app and with the Feed function documents are inserted too. New features are added continuously, we have many more innovations in development. Think cyber security, think crew engagement, think different.


Latest news

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