ClearVision delivers ship performance
solutions to shipping entrepreneurs.

  • Empowerment
  • Innovation
  • Insourced

The Difference we want to make


Where in other sectors huge gains were made, shipping still runs with pretty much the same productivity.

Customer approach never changed much. Managerial dogma’s are pretty much the same.

And as a product, Ship Management never evolved much in the last twenty years.

What a difference with travel, reading, retail, automotive. In most industries productivity doubled, and with SEMCO and Frederic Laloux, there is a tidal wave of change in how organizations are run.

All this fueled our desire to do things different, with an organization built on empowerment, tools that double productivity and work-fun at the same time. And all that at much lower costs to the customer with more performance to show for. 

  • We do not need an expensive office, so why would the customer pay for that?
  • We do not need a bookkeeper, so why would the customer pay for that?
  • Better control, much higher efficiency. We can handle double the # of ships per FTE.

Our cloud based software is user-centric, effective and much more affordable. Another benefit to pass on 1 on 1 to the customer.

By empowerment and innovation we unburden ourselves of a legacy of managerial jitter, so we can focus on the real work: your ships’ performance.


Our Why?

Innovation is everywhere, Inshared, Spotify,, basically all new services for old needs. Solutions with innovative performance at lower costs, opening up a wealth of possibilities and convenience. Empowerement to the customer!

We believe in:

  • being closer to the customer, by sourcing into the customers operation. In-sourced!
  • delivering ship performance dedicated to the customer’s fleet. Customer & Ship-centric!
  • innovation to boost productivity and efficiency. Doing a great job is what drives us. Making a difference is inspiring.

Our How?

By empowerment and innovation, we make ships perform, doing a power of good to the voyage results.

"Before we can build the world we want to live in, we have to imagine it. Greatness starts with a clear vision of the future." - Simon Sinek



RoPax operation requires
a dedicated Fleet Solution.

Commitment to service reliability with flexibility to adapt to customer needs as embedded Ship Manager. We innovated to airline-like operations based on rationale and efficiency combined with a sharp focus on safety and security. By connecting seamlessly into the customers operation we are your out-house insourced RoPax manager.

Cargo care with quick turnaround and engagement by communication.

Sourcing from our crew pool with seasoned ferry crews, who put their heart into the business, our partnering is effected. For mouth-watering cuisine our catering solution is a game changer. Our menu-manager, procurement manager and food-safety superintendent form the agile catering team. Feathering in with local procedure, we work with the local emergency services and authorities on security and emergency preparedness. 

“Conversion and upgrading of RoPax vessels with our Site Supervision and with our support network of expert companies is part of the Solution." Jan Jut - Fleet Operations

Bring your Commercial Management in Unision
with your Technical management.

Your commercial management and ClearVision Ship Management, hand-in-glove with one goal; do a power of good to your voyage result! Top results are only achieved when Tankers are operated in full sync, and all is aligned to the business venture. How frustrating it is to see results slip away through your fingers, money drains by a commitment gap, miscommunication... Welcome to the solution engineers in Technical who think 100% Commercial. Forging performance by running a tight operation, with no gaps between the lines. Shipowning is a testing venture, who is on your side really? What a relief when you team up with Technical partners that side with you on your marine adventure. Facing all marine challenges with you in full transparency. Switched on and in gear to deliver Solutions.


ClearVision tankers-2401.jpg

With the LEAN approach, Procurement is run much more efficiently at much lower costs.

By Empowerment and Innovation the LEAN Procurement performance is achieved. With LEAN Procurement productivity grows to 10 ships per FTE.

  • Reducing repetitive tasks by undoubling of work.
  • Improving control by better overview and cleaner systematics.
  • Giving substantial savings in direct Procurement costs for the fleet and Managerial costs for the shipowner. 





Fleet Operations Manager
+31 (0)6 - 1018 2736



Procurement Manager
+31 (0)6 - 2826 9607



Managing Director
+31 (0)6 - 2540 2828


LOCATION: Dockworks 1
Waalhaven O.z. 83 B, 1st floor
3087 BM Rotterdam
The Netherlands


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