Ship Management


RoPax operation requires
a dedicated Fleet Solution.

Commitment to service reliability with flexibility to adapt to customer needs as embedded Ship Manager. We innovated to airline-like operations based on rationale and efficiency combined with a sharp focus on safety and security. By connecting seamlessly into the customers operation we are your out-house insourced RoPax manager.

Cargo care with quick turnaround and engagement by communication.

Sourcing from our crew pool with seasoned ferry crews, who put their heart into the business, our partnering is effected. For mouth-watering cuisine our catering solution is a game changer. Our menu-manager, procurement manager and food-safety superintendent form the agile catering team. Feathering in with local procedure, we work with the local emergency services and authorities on security and emergency preparedness. 

“Conversion and upgrading of RoPax vessels with our Site Supervision and with our support network of expert companies is part of the Solution." Jan Jut - Fleet Operations

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