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Martijn about ClearVision

maak-kennis-met-clearvision-news-clearvision.jpg01 Dec

Having learned to walk on board of a ship, going to the nautical academy came very natural to me. Ships and the sea became a passion from my first weeks on board of a ferry as a deckhand to a year on board of a reefer vessel. Still my broader interest in shipping made me first do a Master in Science in Cardiff, Wales right after passing my nautical exams.

Joining Seatrade was exciting as they grew year on year and always a new project was at hand allowing me to learn and experience shipping in fields like operations, QHSE, newbuilding, IT.

Trained in engineering and navigation I went through both ranks and specialised  as a chief officer to become master at the age of 30 on mv Comoros Stream. A newbuild from Japan with 23 knots Formula 1 performance. Commissioning new ships is a lot of work, and very rewarding because there is nothing better for a ship than a good start. Whereafter all the next crews can efficiently maintain the ship. And that pays off, because on the second special survey of the mv Comoros Stream the ballast tanks all were just in pristine condition. Saving the owner soo much money on that dry docking.

Captaining a ship worldwide is the best job ever. A bit lonely at times with 6300miles ahead of you from New Zealand to Panama. Managing the ship, her navigation, optimising the speed versus consumption, coordinating the maintenance, handling commercial matters, caring for the cargo. And experiencing the beauty of nature every day.

Another charme of shipping is all the different people you meet. Effortlessly you bond in friendships that span the globe. Great when you need a bit of help for a ship in Japan or Brazil.

After running the German ship management unit of the Seatrade Group for 5 years and totalling 19 years in Seatrade, I decided to spread my wings to join Hanzevast Shipping where I handled ship finance structuring. And in managing: Tankers, Gastankers, MPP’s, bulkcarriers, Offshore vessels it was a true shipping man’s dream in diversity of the fleet. 

“Always I was an innovator and a rebel forerunner. Always looking ahead and for change that would bring progress. Pioneering and venturing for the next step, the next level always was my focus. So I wrote a business plan and was ready to start on my own. Synchronicity then led me to meet Martin Lanting, and it took just one meeting to know and feel that we were aligned to join forces and venture into this together.” 

24Vision was founded and we joined forces with Clearwater to take over all shares end 2017. So now we are ClearVision and on our mission to grow. Strong human capital and great technology deliver agile performance. 

First we are about partnering horizontally by siding with the shipowner and giving him all we have to give by our candor, trust, speed, innovation. Our dynamic transparency and direct digital systematics are guiding principles. The mission is to make ships perform. 

Grow bigger by staying small. Meaning that we set course for growth, and our flat organisation and open culture keeps us customer-centric without any gaps between the lines. It is all about content in delivery and less about procedural boundaries.

"Ships and shipping are our passion, we love the sea too. It is great to serve shipowners by making their ships perform."

Captain Martijn Mobach
Managing Director | New Business-Innovation-HumanCapital

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