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ClearVision in Bullet points

clearvision-gaat-bloggen-news-clearvision.jpg05 Dec

  • 24Vision established end 2015. Clearwater incorporated in 1995.
  • As a joint force we manage tankers. Our experience spans: reefers, bulkers, gastankers, MPP, OSV&DSV, Container carriers.
  • Since 1 Jan 2018 24Vision is 100% shareholder of Clearwater. Clearwater + 24Vision = ClearVision.   So we bond under ClearVision.Solutions.
  • Our mission is to be the agile shipmanager that is out-house & in-sourced by being customer-centric.
  • We will not change the world, but we will change the world between our customers and us by our partnering.
  • Clearwater’s growth mission is to manage 20 tankers. Additionally we will expand to RoPax, Bulkcarrier and offshore.
  • Shipmanagement is the means, performance is the goal. We are only happy if there is a good voyage result in the end.
  • 80% of mishaps are human failure. 80% of success is by human effort. There is enough compliance, there is enough technology. Our armory to create performance is our focus on awareness, attitude, motivation and engagement.
  • We are convinced that by aligning our crew’s awareness and engagement towards the shipowner’s interest we create performance.
  • Our shipowners each have their own crew pool. Fixed assigned officers.
  • Our unmediated crewing does away with all those upcharged vouchers for crewing matters. We simply take the employers risk away from the shipowners and you get one plain invoice.
  • Budgeting we do three ways: benchmark with OpsCosts, benchmark with our own archive records and then a granular OPEX build up from scratch, specific to the ship, her equipment, her operation. Our budgeting accuracy has proven to be in a few percent margin.
  • Our accounting system will give you online financial reporting. And yes, we can map our ledger to your ledger as you desire. Avoiding any doubling of work and speeding up the processing.
  • Our Shipowners App shows vessels positions and track, free of charge (!).
  • No upcharging. We have one management fee and are typically 25% below the big guys. How can we? Low overheads, agile IT systems, and no IPO plans.
  • All discounts and rebates are for the shipowner. Preferably, by simply negotiating the quotations down.

Decisions on shipmanagement are important and take time. We look forward to meet in person to learn all about your Marine Adventure. And get you fully conversant with partnering by our ClearVision approach.

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