Vacancy: Senior Officers

Job description

Exciting MPP opportunities for enthusiastic professionals! 

For our partner with a growing fleet of MPP vessels we are canvassing: Senior officers with experience on Geared Multi-purpose Dry Cargo Vessels 5000 DWT and larger. Our partner has a growing fleet and an open communication culture. We seek stayers that like continued employment on their fleet. Transparency and reporting need to be your strengths. The salary package is Market Conform and CBA’s pending on the flag the vessel flies.

The Vessel will sail under our Partner’s experienced technical and commercial management:

  • Vessel and Shore Management operate as one! Hand in hand.
  • 24/7 is 24/7 reachable
  • Key Shore Personnel have actual sailing experience.
  • Personal relations Shore/ship matter.

Please send your CV to Mrs. Oksana Nikolayevna:
Contact mobile: +38 097 393 5950.


  • Good English knowledge Verbal and in Writing
  • Experience in rank
  • Open and communicative
  • Excellent in reporting

Job type: Permanent, by back to back contracts
Location: mostly Atlantic basin & Europe
Department: Full Management by owners
Languages: English!
Starting in: As soon as possible
Latest start date: June 2019
Contract duration: 3 month Back to Back System
Positions available: undisclosed
Pay range: Market Conform
Other benefits: Nice voyages, clean cargoes.

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